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24 & 25 Weeks Pregnant
Your Pregnancy Week by Week

It has been 25 weeks pregnant and I'm sure you are excited about the development of your baby, right? What about the changes in your body?

Your belly should be already on its way to accommodate your baby. Perhaps you can no longer see your toes, or maybe you have to balance your body a little bit to see them, that's funny, isn’t it? I'd say it's incredible how you have to adapt to these changes.

May be you are already thinking in the baby's room, and how to decorate it, where to put the crib. Perhaps you have you thought that during the first days after birth your baby will sleep with you, right?

During these stages of pregnancy development is very important to be aware of some risks, watch for signs of premature labor.

Mom and Baby Changes

Mom: It is very likely that your doctor may recommend more frequent visits at 24 weeks pregnant to closely monitor your pregnancy. Your doctor may order a glucose test to ensure no problems with gestational diabetes (increased glucose) that could affect your baby.

Time flies very fast mom! Can you believe it? You are already at 25 weeks pregnant.

The second trimester is the best in the whole pregnancy and it is likely that you are feeling really good. Of course, you are gaining weight and your belly is growing every week. There is no problem with that as long as you have a healthy pregnancy diet.

I suggest you to take advantage of these weeks to think about different things like: Where will your baby sleep? Have you chosen a name for your baby? A list of baby names will help. You have to be ready with all kinds of baby things for the big day.

25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

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Baby: Your baby's bones are getting harder and the blood vessels of the lungs are developing. His taste buds are forming, and he may be developing a weakness for sweets. During these stages of pregnancy development, your baby is preparing hard for life outside the womb.

At 25 weeks pregnant the structures of your baby's spine are beginning to form. Is amazing, isn’t it?

The length of your baby is around 23 cm, and its weight is about 700-800 grams.

Dad: You also should be feeling very good these weeks, right? Take advantage of this time and take lots of pictures to create the album of your baby.

Do not forget to pamper your partner. It is likely that her mind is always thinking about her baby. You should remind her daily how much you love her.

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My own experience at 25 weeks pregnant:

At 24 and 25 weeks pregnant, I was anxious to go to all malls to buy everything for my baby.

I used to spend hours looking at baby stores and buying all kind of stuff. At this stage of my pregnancy was like when I was getting married, I liked to go shopping. My husband was not that happy because his credit card was exceeding its limit.

My family started to give me presents for my baby. Practically at pregnancy week 25, I had already almost all my baby's wardrobe. I felt like in the clouds because everyone in my family treated me with love, I felt special.

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