Urination During Pregnancy
Again, and Again

Frequent urination during pregnancy is one of the most common earliest signs of pregnancy.

Are you wondering why you’re spending more time in the bathroom lately?

Why you cannot hold urine?

What can you do for involuntary urination in pregnancy? It seems that you can never get it all out, every hour, every minute, right?

At week 6 to 8 after conception you may be noticing that you have to go pee more frequently. You may not even know that you are pregnant and you have to go to the bathroom several times. But why it happens?

Why do I have to urinate that frequently?

There are some possible reasons why you are having frequent urination during pregnancy:

  • During pregnancy there is an increased blood flow, putting your kidneys to work harder and causing you to void your bladder more frequently.
  • Another reason in early pregnancy is because your little baby starts growing in your uterus and tends to be positioned right on your bladder. Pressure on the bladder is often relieved when the uterus rises into the abdominal cavity around the fourth month.
  • Later in pregnancy frequent urination is caused by the expanded uterus and consequently put pressure on your bladder.

Urination During Pregnancy - Toilet


So you have to consider the bathroom as your best friend during the first weeks of pregnancy.

However it can be annoying if you are away from home and there is not always a bathroom on the street, right?

Or maybe you are visiting a friend's house and have to ask permission frequently to go to the bathroom. Do not feel embarrassed about that, I'm sure your friend or anyone else understand perfectly your lovely condition.

Can this symptom of pregnancy affect my baby?

Nothing at all, in fact it helps to clean toxins from your body.

Frequent urination during pregnancy is a normal symptom. However, if the urine comes with a pain burning, go to your doctor immediately because you can have an infection, something called UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which is a bacterial infection.

What can I do to avoid going to the bathroom so frequently?

There are at least a couple of remedies for treating frequent urination in pregnancy, but the one I recommend and that it worked great for me, is the Kegel exercise. This exercise helps strengthen your pelvic floor and reduce leakage. And as a bonus extra the kegel exercise will help you to prepare for labor and birth of your baby.

Frequent urination during pregnancy may be made worse if your pelvic floor muscle is weakened. So I highly recommend you to put in your fitness routine the kegel exercise.

Another remedy that can reduce your frequent urination during the last trimester is a pregnancy belt. It will help to hold the weight of your stomach, avoiding not having as much pressure on your bladder. At the same time it will help to carry the weight of your womb and prevent back pain and stretch marks on your skin.

Other recommendations are:

  • During pregnancy you should drink plenty of fluids. However you should avoid liquids that have a mild diuretic effect, such as coffee, tea or alcohol. Of course alcohol is not in your diet.
  • The anxiety may increase the urgency to urinate. So try to stay calm, do not worry and do not stress.
  • Be sure to respond to your bladder’s signals, and urinate often. Do not hold the urine.
  • To prevent leaks, make sure your bladder is not very full.

Final Thoughts:

Normally frequent urination during pregnancy should not have undesirable side effects. But see your doctor if you experience the following symptoms:

Burning pain when urinating, fever, blood in urine or the desire to urinate immediately after emptying the bladder.

These signals may be an indication of a urinary tract infection (UTI), the most common infection during pregnancy. If left treated early, it can cause serious infections and even preterm delivery.

You have to include in your daily activities the bathroom breaks, be prepared for that.

Urination During Pregnancy - Baby

Frequent urination was only a little bit more pee. My baby is worth more than any discomfort of pregnancy.

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